We need your help!!

We are in search of enthusiastic members who are willing to donate some of their time and energy to help us spread the good news about bees and all things bee related. We are in specific need of folks who are willing to write articles for the local papers and / or provide nice high resolution photos of their bees doing ‘bee things.’ We also need help spreading the good word about bees at the many local events (McDonalds Nursery Outdoor Show, Hampton Master Gardeners plant sales at Bluebird Gap Farm for example) that the CBA attends.

If you want to write, but don’t know what to write, we can give you a topic. If you already have an idea about which you want to write, or want to provide some ideas for topics, we’ll gladly go over it with you. Articles will be non-technical and written with the average lay person in mind. Any/all articles will be reviewed and edited prior to submission.

Here is the overview of what is required for an article:

* The column should be between 450-600 words, written for lay people, and include a photo that you either have rights to or permission to use. If it is not your photo, be sure to include who gets credit and that we have permission to use it. I cannot overstate this enough. The paper is very squirrelly about this.

* The photo should be high resolution (smart phone photos are good enough) and in jpg format. We need nice close ups of bees doing bee things!! The paper has no good stock photos from which to pull.

* A byline is included – 1 line biography of whatever you want to say about yourself, so be sure to include that. Or I get to make it up!

Please contact: 

Carolyn Kutzer-Lovedahl at 757-435-0797 or at kutzer@freedvet.net (put ‘bee club/articles’ in the subject line) with your ideas/suggestions, 


Sue & Jim Webb at CBABeekeepers@gmail.com for questions regarding volunteering at events


Here are some ideas for articles –
(If you want to do one of these, tell me so I can let you know if it still available and put your name on it. Or if you have another idea, tell me that, too, so I can keep track.)

  • -how to behave around bees

  • -kids and bees- (personal experiences)

  • - a beekeepers year (by season)

  • -what’s it take to make that jar of honey from the bee’s perspective – this one and the next one could be a two part article--

  • -what’s it take to make that jar of honey from the beekeeper’s perspective/ honey extraction

  • -life lessons learned from honey bees

  • -normal reaction vs. allergic reaction to bee stings – Linda, this one is yours

  • - honey and why it is good for allergies

  • - ***swarming*** – what it is, when does it happen, who to call, etc. - THIS SHOULD BE THE VERY NEXT ONE TO GO OUT, I THINK**** I would like to see one of you folks who have taken swarm calls put this one together, please!*****

  • - most valuable plants for bees- a 4 season review – this probably would be better broken down into several articles.

  • - most valuable perennials for bees/ other pollinators

  • -most valuable trees for bees/ other pollinators

  • -most valuable bulbs/annuals for bees/ other pollinators

  • -pesticides and bees/ pollinators – there are a multitude of ways to go with this one

  • -good bugs versus bad bugs

  • -how bees see/ native plants/ favorite colors

  • -why native plants are better for our bees (and other pollinators)

  • -summary of websites with helpful info re pollinators/ bees

  • -difference between honey bees, native bees, wasps, yellow jackets –looks, behavior, where/how they live

  • -what does bee pasture/ bee forage mean

  • - different qualities of pollen/ nectar for bees – bee nutrition!

  • -how bees communicate

  • -fun facts about bees

  • -Colony Collapse Disorder

These are a some of the ideas I have had/ been suggested. It’s a good start but still a relatively short list.
Thanks again for your ideas and input! I will keep you posted as things progress.