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Beehive Plans


  • Beehive Removable Swarm Catching Frame

    This design allows easy capture of feral comb that can be placed in a conventional hive. Download free step-by-step directions.

  • Beehive Screen Bottom Board

    Free plans to build a beehive screen bottom board.

  • Miller Type Bee Feeder

    Detailed plans for a miller type bee feeder. Large amounts of feed can be given this way with no disturbance to the bees or beekeeper.

  • Beehive Slatted Bottom Rack

    Plans for a beehive slatted bottom rack. Serves many great purposes.

  • Double Screen Board Beehive

    Free plans for building a double screen board beehive.

  • Beehive Solar Wax Melter

    This is a relatively cheap way to render wax. Nice detailed free plans.

  • Beehive Dadant Type Frame

    Download these free directions for building a beehive with a dadant type frame

  • Bee Vacuum

    Build your own bee vacuum with free plans. You'’ll have more salvaged comb, cleaner honey and a bunch more live bees.

  • 5-Deep Brood Frame Hive

    Detailed plans with measurements to build a 5-deep brood frame beehive.

  • 5-Frame Langstroth Nucleus Beehive

    This hive can be used in many ways. Free detailed plans.

  • Observation Hive

    This observation hive has a number of features which make it a very desirable and adaptable design. Free plans to build your own.

  • A Simple Hive stand

    At the May 2013 CBA meeting we exhibited a wooden hive stand in response to several requests for low-cost, non-cement block hivestand ideas.  Here is a simple stand that is sturdy, costs about $13 (as of June 2013), and works well with screened bottom boards.

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